Floats like a butterfly, sticks like a Glue

The cold water wax is rip-roaring ready to grab hold of your toes.

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gekoglue surf wax

What glides down a wave, does cutbacks and floaters like it’s nobody’s bidniz and isn’t worried about slipping off their surfboard?

You, if you get the new surf wax heading for a break near you (if you’re a JBay inwoner).

Jaco Taljaard, who made a name as a surfboard shaper who knows his story, is expanding his range of surf gear to not only include your next sweet surfboard, but something to keep you stuck to said surfboard.

The thing about JT is, he doesn’t outsource this sort of thing.

He doesn’t have an agent in China sourcing some random surf wax.

And he doesn’t order thousands of bars of surf wax through his Temu app.

He makes this stuff himself, because he’s committed to giving people the best surf wax available.

And since he knows the waters of Jeffreys Bay, he knows how to make a surf wax ideally suited to South African waters.

His site’s not live yet, but will soon be at gekoglue.co.za.

In the meantime, follow GekoGlue on Instagram.