How To Watch The Rugby World Cup Without Dstv
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How to watch the Rugby World Cup without DSTV

DSTV is probably one of South Africa’s most dated products. Not only does it constantly serve reruns, it’s also littered with ads. The queer thing is, many of those ads feature DSTV. It’s like they’re selling you something you’ve already bought.

The only reason many people still have DSTV is because they feature sporting events.

But if you think you’re manacled to DSTV for your 2019 rugby world cup fix—or any other sport, for that matter—I’ve got great news for you.

If you’re willing to endure a little techiness you could be up and running with a DSTV alternative in no time.

And once the WRC has run its course you can turn off this option and stop paying.

What do you need to watch rugby without DSTV?

What you need

You need a VPN (click here for more info). VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Without going into the technicalities of how a VPN works, let me explain a little.

When you try to use certain online streaming services, like, you’re greeted with, “fuboTV content is currently not available in your location.”

But when you use a VPN, it’s like you’re using the site from a valid location.

So it’s as if you’re using fuboTV from the USA.

That’s what a VPN allows you to do. It hides your IP and your location so you look like an American user to the service provider.

It also works for other sites, like Netflix US.

So how do you set it up?


Sign up for a VPN service. Then connect to the internet through the VPN. Once you’re connected via the VPN, sign up for a free trial account at any of the services that offer RWC coverage, like fuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV or PlayStation Vue.

Many of these trial accounts run long enough to get you through the RWC. But perhaps you like what they offer, in which case you can sign up with a monthly subscription.

Is it legal?

It’s not illegal. There’s nothing in South African law that prohibits you from accessing content through a VPN.

There you have it: how to gain access to the Japan RWC without relying on DSTV.

Enjoy, Kouga!



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