Delicious nut butter now made here

There’s a new nut butter in town, and it’s Lush Yummy.

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An accidental nut butter bomb exploded in Jeffreys Bay.

If you’re not aware yet, Lush Yummy nut butter opened doors for business in town.

The drool-worthy product is the child of local boytjie, Jansie.

He was looking for a nutritious alternative to his favourite brand of peanut butter, which is basically sugar in a red jar.

On the way to discovering this magnificent nut butter he busted one blender, and another one is in ICU, recovering.

Prelim tests indicate that the product is a massive hit with nut butter junkies.

Feedback’s been nothing short of national.

The only reasonable thing to do with his invention is to share it with the world.

So he started Lush Yummy, kicked up a website in no time and started punting his nut butter.

Plans to expand?


Nut butter’s only the beginning, he thinks.

Head on over to the Lush Yummy website for more info.