Want to legally go to the beach? Get a fishing license!

Get yourself a fishing license and enjoy our beaches over December.
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Did you know it’s legal to fish, even while Jeffreys Bay’s beaches are off limits due to the COVID-19 scare?

The following, directly from the government gazette (uit die perd se bek):

the closure of beaches and restrictions on times of operation do not (g) apply to fishermen for fishing purposes, who are in possession of a permit or exemption granted in terms of the Marine Living Resources Act, 1998 (Act No. 18 of 1998).

All you need is a fishing license, a cheap fishing rod and a cheap lure or two. (You could try real bait, but the smell will put you off in no time if you’re not a keen fisherman.)

I’d probably take it a step further if I weren’t an avid angler; I’d take my chances with one of those kids fishing nets. What do kids use those nets for? To catch fish with, of course. So that’s also a form of fishing.

You can get a fishing license from the post office at 9 de Reyger Street, while Angling & Marine at 122 da Gama Road can supply you with all your fishing necessities.

If you’re seriously tired out from the year’s fears and don’t see yourself carrying your kids’ fishing rods, sew them onto their swimming costumes.

And if you don’t want to carry a fishing rod of your own, take some fishing line, tie one end to a toe and cast the other end into the ocean (with a lure attached, of course). You’re trolling the surf for kob or leerie, if anyone asks.

And send pics of your innovative fishing outfits and rigs so I can share it here!

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