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This is what we’ll do for every corn dog we sell at the JBay Makiti

The upcoming JBay Makiti (20 to 22 September, 2019) has our little town buzzing with excitement.

The Makiti features some of South Africa’s top singing talent, as well as a smorgasbord of market stalls and, of course, food stalls.

One of those food stalls, a Milkwood Market favourite, has vowed to do a generous thing.

Corn Dog Team, makers of sierjaslie lekker corn dogs, cheddar cheese sticks and deep friend Bar Ones, has committed to donate R2 to The Ladies Lighthouse for each original corn dog sold at the Makiti!

If you don’t know yet, this is The Ladies Lighthouse’s mission:

Helping vulnerable women and single mommies and their children.

The Ladies Lighthouse organisation has various locations scattered throughout Jeffreys Bay that operate as safe havens for women and children suffering abuse at the hands of family members.

The work they do is of paramount importance. They’re protecting the exposed. Many of us simply cannot understand what it’s like to live in an environment where alcohol and the fist work hand-in-hand to sow destruction. For us it’s a distant issue.

But there are women and children who live a nightmare existence day in and day out.

And apart from the abuse, many of these vulnerable people don’t have enough to eat. The Ladies Lighthouse helps in this regard to.

Their work truly is amazing.

So buy a ton of corn dogs from Corn Dog Team and show your support for The Ladies Lighthouse!

And visit The Ladies Lighthouse Facebook page for more information about their work.

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