This Is Perfect For Decorating Fabric, Floors, Tiles, Walls And Wood And Can Even Be Used For Scrapbooking
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This is perfect for decorating fabric, floors, tiles, walls and wood and can even be used for scrapbooking!

If you’d like to add some pizzazz to your walls or floors, or if you’d like to dolly up your artwork or scrapbooking ventures, you can’t go wrong with these stencils from Windgat Stencils.

Goofy and his wife Lallie have been making precision cut stencils since 2015 and they can give you just about any design you’d like.

Because they use a precision CNC cutter, your design will be perfect to the last detail.

And if you’d like to order bulk, Goofy will accommodate you with a bulk discount too.

Visit Windgat Stencils to see their range of stencils. You can sommer order your stencils online too!


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