Get more calls, WhatsApps and emails for your business during lockdown

(Only 18 more available so get in touch while there's still space!)

  • Wait for business to miraculously fall into your lap. (HINT: probably not going to happen.)
  • Apply for a business grant. (Sterkte with that.)
  • Get up, kick yourself into gear and  don't stop marketing. Generate MORE phone calls, WhatsApps and emails.
50% Off

I can help you get more calls, more WhatsApps and more emails but

you need three things...

An irresistible offer

An Irresistible Offer


Man Running Because He Has A Sense Of Urgency

A little bit of cash

A Little Bit Of Cash

How does it work?

  • You order your lockdown marketing campaign.
  • I create a dedicated landing page on FEATURING ONLY YOUR OFFER. (Up to 800 words of copy included.)
  • Send me up to 10 images to go with the offer and I add it to your landing page.
  • I share your landing page to my Facebook page.
  • I create a dedicated paid marketing campaign on Facebook to send traffic to your landing page.
  • You take the calls and / or emails coming your way.
  • I can also help you build an email list you can use for marketing further down the line.


Can you get more than one offer?

How much does it cost?


50% off!

Order now!

  • You get a dedicated landing page on featuring ONLY your offer and up to 10 images (supplied by you).
  • Your landing page is shared to the Facebook page.
  • You get a dedicated paid Facebook marketing campaign.
  • You get a blog post pointing to your offer and to your business.
  • Your business is added to the business directory.
  • You may choose the way people contact you. This is either via phone call, WhatsApp or through a contact form.
  • You get 50% off.
  • You only pay 50% of the bill now, the other 50% only at the end of September, 2020.
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