NSRI Station 37 saves a teen's life
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NSRI Station 37 saves a teen’s life

A Gauteng teen is recovering in hospital after having been saved from drowning by the NSRI on Sunday evening.

An 18-year old female went for a swim on Sunday and got caught in a rip current when an NSRI vehicle came across her.

Station 37 commander, Rieghard Jansen van Rensburg, said, “Our sea rescue craft Eddie Beaumont II was in the area at the time on a routine exercise and they diverted to respond and our NSRI rescue vehicle and Private Care ambulance services responded.

“On our sea rescue craft arrival on the scene an 18 year old female was found in a rip current about 80 meters offshore.

“(Two NSRI rescue swimmers) secured the teenager and she was recovered onto the sea rescue craft and brought to shore and taken into the care of paramedics.

“During the rescue a male surfer paddled out to the scene to alert NSRI that another two people, a male bystander who had launched into the surf to assist but then got caught in rip currents himself, and a female who had appeared to also be caught in the same rip current with the female, who NSRI had rescued, that both that male and female reached the shore safely and they were not injured.

“The rescued teenager is from Benoni and she has been transported to hospital in a stable condition by ambulance, with her mom, for treatment for non-fatal drowning symptoms and she is expected to fully recover.”

Well done Rieghard and team!

Source: https://www.rnews.co.za/article/19049/teen-saved-from-drowning-at-jeffreys-bay-beach

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