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Get a 3-page website WITH blog setup (that posts to a newsletter and your social media automatically) at a super low price with hosting for only R200 per month!

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Website package

R 200 Monthly (excludes setup fee)
  • 5GB storage
  • HTTPS included
  • Analytics included
  • Blog included
  • Super fast SSD hosting
  • Search engine optimised
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Domain name management
  • Newsletter included
  • Social media posting included

5GB storage

You’ll need a place for your website files to rest.

With 5GB storage you have more than enough space to run a good-looking website, add articles and host your emails.

But it’s not ordinary storage. Read on to see what your website’s hosted on.


Google wants your website to have HTTPS, because they want people to feel secure.

But HTTPS can be expensive.

Your website comes with free HTTPS, free.

But let me clear up something, lest you think I’m trying to mislead you into believing your website will be unhackable because it has HTTPS.

HTTPS does not make your website more secure.

But because Google has added it as a ranking signal to their algorithm, you must have HTTPS, otherwise your competition will outrank you.

FREE analytics

How many people visit your website? And how do they get there? And what do they do once they’re there?

You need a way to see these details.

That’s why your website comes with analytics installed.

I use a two-fold approach.

I install Google Analytics on your website AND I add your website to Google Search Console.

Google Analytics comes installed with the free version of MonsterInsights, which gives you a quick overview of what’s happening on your website.

Google Search Console is off-site and shows you which keywords people use to get to your website, as well as your position in search results pages.

This is invaluable information for making marketing decisions.

All of this, FREE.

FREE blog setup

Call it a blog or call it your website’s news section. Whatever you call it, adding valuable articles to your own website and drawing people FROM social media or their email inboxes to it, is one of the best ways to make more money.

I set this up FREE OF CHARGE for you, using WordPress.

This lets you easily and quickly reach out to people with your products and services.

And to help you post your articles, I’ve written a detailed guide.

But read on to see how this blog of yours plugs into the included automated marketing system.

FREE email newsletter

I know many people don’t want to hear this, but email is still the best digital marketing platform.

But setting up newsletters week in and week out is a tedious task that’ll drag you down harder than a Boneyards wave.

That’s why I set up an automatic newsletter that sends out an email to your list of subscribers every time you add news to your website.

Whereas previously you’d have to manually put together your newsletter, now all you do is write a news or blog item. The system takes care of the rest!

And your automatic newsletter is free up to 1,000 subscribers!

FREE automatic social media posting

Posting to multiple social media channels becomes a chore after a while.

Unless you use one of those social media posting platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer.

But those tools quickly become intensely expensive.

And whose content is it? You’re certainly not building your own online profile by posting via a social media posting platform.

That’s why I set up your blog to post to Facebook automatically.

And if you want, I’ll set up Pinterest and Twitter too.

Search engine optimised

Although it’s more important to have a user-focussed website than it is to have a search engine focussed website, having a search engine optimised website helps towards making your website more user-friendly, ironically.

That’s because Google knows that if they want to remain popular, they’d better serve search results that give people joy.

That’s why I pull all the stops to ensure that your website is SEOd to the nth degree.

I can’t discuss all my SEO tactics here—and rest assured, none are blackhat—but your site will look great to search engines.

Super fast SSD hosting

A study some years ago proved that almost 50% of web users expect a website to load within 3 seconds.

If your site doesn’t load fast, they close the tab or click the back button and search elsewhere.

That’s why your site is hosted on a South African SSD server, which means it’s super fast.

Your visitors won’t have to worry that they’ve woken your website from a deep sleep when they arrive at your home page, which is often the case with websites hosted on slow servers.

unlimited email accounts

Having an email address that uses your domain name looks so much more professional than using a generic email address.

You can set up as many email accounts as you wish.

The limit is your disk space, which tops out at 5GB.

You can set up emails yourself by logging into your Bay Marketing Co dashboard and cPanel.

You can set up your email in Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird or another desktop client, or you can access it in your browser, through a special webmail URL specific to your website.

You can even save your 5GB disk space by getting your emails through POP3.

And if you’re bent on using your Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo address, no problem. I’ll set up your professional email address to forward to the address of your choice. That way you get the best of both worlds: you look professional when a visitor sees your beautiful email address on your website and you get to use the email address of your choice.

FREE domain name and annual renewal

You could get one of those free sub-domain name jobs like or or any other free type page builder.

But having your own domain name looks stunning. It shows you really want people to trust you.

That’s why I include a free .com, .net or domain name in this package.

But it’s not just free at the start. I renew it for you every year.

Which means you needn’t worry that your domain name might expire and be deleted or bought by a domain name squatter.

And the domain name belongs to you. I don’t register it in my name.

There are a number of roles involved in domain name registration. One is the REGISTRANT. If this role is not assigned to you, the domain name doesn’t belong to you.

I ensure that your domain name remains yours.

3 optimised, mobile-friendly pages

Those single page websites are all the rage these days.

That’s because they’re easy to mash together.

But they don’t give you much by way of content. In fact, sometimes they’re not even usable. And what about SEO?

That’s why I build you a website with 3 search engine optimised, mobile-friendly pages: Home, About, Contact.

From an SEO perspective, a 3-page website gives you better performance in search results than a single page website.

This sort of setup could set you back thousands of rands. I’m giving it to you for free.

FREE Content syndication

This is completely optional. Even if you don’t make use of this module, you’re still getting an incredible deal on a website. This, however, takes your site into overdrive, if used correctly.

The content syndication option is available to any Kouga company that has a website.

It costs R150 per month.

But Bay Marketing Co clients get it FREE as part of the R200 package!

Here’s how it works…

When you add content to your website, like a special or some company news, and it’s approved, it’s pulled into automatically, from where it’s sent to an email newsletter, as well as the social media platforms.

This affords you a far greater audience than just using your own website, or posting to your Facebook page.

How to order

It’s super simple to order your SEOd, mobile-friendly website with hosting.

Simply click the Order Now button, which takes you to Bay Marketing Co’s order form.

Here you can choose between registering a new domain name, transferring your current domain name, or simply using my nameservers to point your domain name correctly.

Once you’ve chosen your option, you’re taken to the next screen, where you choose your billing cycle.

Once you’ve paid, your website is installed with a splash page.

Then I’ll give you a call or email you for more details regarding your logo, design and about page content.

Or contact me directly using the details below.

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