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Get a 3-page website WITH blog setup and hosting for only R200 per month!

But that’s not enough!

Your website includes a FREE domain name (if you don’t have one) and FREE annual renewal (.com, or .net).

On top of that, you get FREE content syndication to

Rest assured, if you’re looking for web design in Jeffreys Bay, you’ve come to the right place.

But read on to see the massive benefits.

No upfront costs

This is an offer I won’t be able to keep up, as it’s not sustainable for business.

So take advantage now by signing up for a super fast website, hosting and marketing package while there’s no upfront cost.

You read right.

I build your SEO’d, mobile-friendly website for free, mahala, no cost.

The only thing you pay is the monthly hosting (which comes with so many freebies you’d be a fool to resist, if I may be so frank).

Automated marketing

This is automated marketing at its best.

Once I’ve set up your website, you start adding articles, or specials, or events, or any such content, and if it meets the quality standard, it’s automatically pulled into

This is a R150 per month package, added FREE if you order a website with hosting.

3 optimised, mobile-friendly pages

Your website comes with 3 search engine optimised, mobile-friendly pages: Home, About, Contact.

A 3 page structure allows me to work some SEO into your website. This allows your site to perform better in search engines than if you had only a single page website.

Blog or news platform

Call it a blog or call it your website’s news section. Whatever you call it, adding valuable articles to your own website and drawing people FROM social media or their email inboxes to it, is one of the best ways to make more money.

I set this up FREE OF CHARGE for you using WordPress. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly get news out to those you want to reach with your message.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, you can follow a detailed tutorial on how to add an article, available on Bay Marketing Co.

FREE Content syndication

The content syndication option is available to any Kouga company that has a website and adds content to that website.

It costs R150 per month.

But Bay Marketing Co clients get it FREE as part of the R200 package!

Here’s how it works…

When you add content to your website, like a special or some company news, and it’s approved, it’s pulled into automatically, from where it’s sent to an email newsletter, as well as the social media platforms.

This affords you a far greater audience than just using your own website, or posting to your Facebook page.

Super fast SSD hosting

Your site is hosted on a South African SSD server, which means it’s super fast.

Your visitors won’t have to worry that they’ve woken your website from a deep sleep when they arrive on your home page, which is often the case with websites hosted on slow servers.

You get 5GB space, which allows you to have a fantastic website, as well as enough space for emails.

FREE domain name and annual renewal

Included in the package is a free .com, .net or domain name.

But it’s not just free at the start. I renew it for you every year.

Which means you needn’t worry that your domain name might expire and be deleted or bought by a domain name squatter.

And the domain name belongs to you. I don’t register it in my name.

There are a number of roles involved in domain name registration. One is the REGISTRANT. If this role is not assigned to you, the domain name doesn’t belong to you.

I ensure that your domain name remains your domain name.

unlimited email accounts

You can set up as many email accounts as you wish with this package.

The limit is your disk space, which tops out at 5GB.

You can also set up emails yourself, by logging into the Bay Marketing Co dashboard and cPanel.

You can set up your email in Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird or another desktop client, or you can visit it in your browser, through a special web mail URL specific to your website.

If you want to save your 5GB disk space, get your emails through POP3 on your desktop, which keeps your server space clean from emails.


Your website comes with free HTTPS.

But let’s clear up something, lest you think I’m trying to mislead you into believing your website will be unhackable because it has HTTPS.

HTTPS does not make your website more secure.

If you hear that anywhere, laugh. Ask the top SEOs in the world and they’ll agree. (Some reluctantly, I’m sure.)

But because Google has added it as a ranking signal in their algorithm, you must have HTTPS, otherwise your competition will outrank you.

FREE analytics

Your website comes with analytics installed.

This lets you see who visits, where they’re from and which pages they visit.

This is invaluable information for making marketing decisions.

And although the analytics system is installed as part of the WordPress environment, your site is also submitted to Google Search Console, which allows you to see even more valuable information, like which keywords trigger your site to show up in Google’s search results pages.

All of this, FREE.

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Website package

R 200 Monthly
  • Blog setup
  • 5GB storage
  • Unlimited emails
  • Super fast SSD hosting
  • Search engine optimised
  • 3 pages: Home, About, Contact
  • FREE annual domain name renewal
  • FREE syndication to (R150 value!)