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Wouldn’t you LOVE to get more eyeballs on your specials, deals or articles, WITHOUT doing more work? If you own a business in the Kouga region, have a website and post articles to it, and would like more people to see your content, this marketing package is for you. This system automatically pulls in articles you post to your website, to Read on to see what happens from there, and the benefits to your bottom line.


This marketing package works automatically. there’s no setup on your end. You simply sign up through the link below, send me your content feed and I add it to

How it works

The content syndication system pulls in your latest articles from your website and posts it to 

For this to work, your site needs an RSS feed. If you don’t have an RSS feed, consider getting a web package from Bay Marketing Co (which includes this package as part of the price). Details below.

Once it’s pulled into, I check it to ensure everything looks good.

If it passes quality control, it’s added to the section as an article.

This article is then sent out in the email newsletter and delivered to the Facebook page and Twitter account.

It's your content

The beauty of this system is that the content that’s posted through all these marketing channels, remains yours.

I don’t claim it to be mine.

And you can be sure of that, because you receive a backlink to the original article on your website.

Do you know what that means for your link profile?

That’s excellent news, because one of the most important websites about Jeffreys Bay links back to you!

Sign up now!

To get your content syndicated to, simply click on the button below and sign up.

You can pay with credit or debit card, or PayFast Instant EFT, EFT or PayPal.

Content syndication

R 150 Monthly
  • Requires no setup on your side
  • You remain the owner of the content
  • Get your content sent out in an automatic newsletter
  • Reach a wider audience without doing any more work
  • Get your content posted to the social media channels
  • Receive a backlink to your website every time one of your articles is posted

Don't have a website?

If you don’t have a website, much less a content feed, this is the perfect time to get one.

Here’s why…’s marketing partner, Bay Marketing Co, is offering a sweet website package that includes the following:

  1. A search engine optimised, mobile-friendly website with up to six pages (Home, About, Contact, Location, News archive, Newsletter signup). Want more? No problem!
  2. Add as many articles as you want to the site (or get Bay Marketing Co to do it for you for a fee), the storage size being the only limit.
  3. Share your news articles to your social media automatically.
  4. 5GB SSD storage, which gives you enough space for a great website AND emails. And the SSD causes your site to load super fast.
  5. FREE HTTPS, so Google considers you secure.
  6. Well written copy that entices people into taking action.
  7. FREE analytics setup, so you can keep track of your traffic.
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