Kouga Marketing Packages

To ensure your business survives and thrives, you need sales. For sales, you need more of the right eyeballs to see your product or service, more often, for longer. That’s why these marketing packages are perfect for Kouga businesses who want to reach a wider audience with their message.

Content syndication

Optimised website

For real estate agents

Wouldn’t you love to have your properties showcased on the premier website for Jeffreys Bay?


I’ll open the jeffreysbay.com platform for property sellers to create listings.

If you’re interested, click the button below to sign up and stay up to date with development.

Why marketing your Kouga business is crucial

I’ve spoken to a Kouga business owner who told me that he doesn’t need to market his business at all, and that people flock to him for his goods.

Not long after this conversation, I noticed that he no longer occupied the building from which he ran his operation.

Now, whether the man’s pride caught up to him and made him fall, or whether he moved location, I don’t know.

What I do know is that you can never stop marketing.

Some of the world’s biggest companies, like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, would agree with me. After all, they’re forever smearing their products in your face at every opportunity they get.

If large, successful companies find value in continuously reminding the world of their existence, how much more should the small business not invest in getting the word out on his offerings?

I know this is Jeffreys Bay. Money doesn’t flow through our streets like it does up in Joburg or down in Cape Town.

You need to keep a tight grip on your cash. You can’t afford to blow thousands of rands on setting up an ecommerce website or a website with so many bells and whistles you don’t know which lever to pull and which button to push.

But that’s why a jeffreysbay.com marketing package is ideal.

It doesn’t cost you the earth and it’s geared to getting the word out on your goods, not just stick you with a website that’s got no point to it.

So you could stick to your free Facebook page (probably the most overrated marketing platform on the planet) or create a free listing on Hotfrog or Showme.

But with a jeffreysbay.com website package being so cheap, you have no excuse not to start getting more eyes on your product or service.

And lest I forget, an email address created from your own domain name looks much more professional than a Gmail or Yahoo email address. That alone is reason enough for you to not settle on a Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram feed.

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