Live music this Saturday!
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Live music this Saturday!

Don’t miss out on this very talented, local artist…

Meet Lukin…

“My name is Lukin Joshua Potgieter and I live in the small surfer town of Jeffreys Bay, originally from the city of Johannesburg. I’m an artist that has his feet in many different avenues of music, so you could say that I’m quite diverse and unpredictable in the music I create.
From the gentle pluck of a guitar, to the hard hitting beats of electronic music, there’s a place for it all in my heart.

The number one thing that drives me in what I do is love, authenticity, joy and connection through the beautiful love of God. Without Him, none of what I do would be possible, but not only that, nothing would exist. Therefore every song I put out there is for the glory of God and Him alone.

Whatever your walk in life may be, I hope and pray that my music may meet you where you’re at and bring you clarity and peace.”

Original Post from Milkwood Market.

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