Jeffreys Bay keyboard warriors save us from stupid pothole joke

“Brave” Facebook users put yet another Jeffreys Bay resident in his place and feel better for making Dorp van Drome a better place with the power of QWERTY.
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Is this a sign of the uselessness of social media or a sign of misplaced bravery?

A JBay local posted a video of himself fishing in a pothole in da Gama Road following the massive rains we recently received.

Here’s a link to the vid: drummer makes pothole fishing joke.

But instead of sparking laughter, he ignited a wave of controversy, driven by the League of Keyboard Warriors, Jeffreys Bay Chapter (LKW-JB), who ascended on his video and put him in his place à la China-democracy style.

Whoa, aren’t you glad we’re protected by grown men who have the cojones to tackle a drummer (yes, a drummer nogal, ugh) who dares have the audacity to make a joke while we’re struggling with sierjas issues, like the cognitive dissonance we’re experiencing because the global lockdown was based on voodoo science we fell for?

The last thing we need in our lives NOW is humour!

I, for one, would like to thank these fearless fighters for protecting me against the wiles of this scrawny scallywag. May he never make another joke, ever again.

I mean, the idea of filling MY fake Facebook account’s timeline with his malodorous mockery makes me sick.

Vat so, vark!

Of course, this is just the beginning.

Rumour has it the LKW is working on implementing more measures (like the public shaming campaigns their sister organisation, BLM, is famous for) to keep us safe from these wicked monsters who make funny at the expense of our feelings.

Let’s all take a knee in honour of these heroes.



  • I hope that the local computer companies, cut this Brave fisherman in on their profits, from replacement keyboards. It is a known fact that JBay LKW can destruct a keyboard in a single post. Taking in account the absolute risk this courageous young man takes to fish, considering the level of understanding that some drivers have for the workings of a traffic roundabout. Lets start a backabuddy page to fund him on his Majestic adventures.

    • So Companovich se bek kort jêm! 🙂

  • And to add injury to the insult,the poor fisherman came away “empty” handed.

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