How COVID-19 is killing Kouga

There’s a pernicious virus in our midst that’s out of control.
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The owner of a prominent BNB revealed to me that 19 BNBs have closed in the region because of the COVID-19 panic this year.

That’s a staggering amount of livelihoods butchered by a trenchant virus.

I don’t mean the Coronavirus; I’m referring to the virus of fear perpetuated by WhatsApp messages, Facebook and mass media.

Then there are Kouga restaurants, whose employees depend on their owners to remain in business if they’re to support their families.

2021 will see many of those families in dire straits, simple because measures have been put in place the town, and consequently our restaurants, won’t be able to handle.

“But the Coronavirus is deadly,” I was told by a lady who contracted it along with her husband, both of whom survived.

As the tide of fear swept in, a tide of common sense left the bay and settled in a faraway place (possibly never to return). Wide open spaces are off-limits but confined shopping is allowed.

There’s the case of a shopper who went off at a supermarket cashier for not wearing a mask (she was taking a sip of cooldrink, no doubt in an effort to murder those around her, not quench her thirst), because her husband had just passed away from COVID-19.

Upon enquiring, she confirmed that her husband was a mask wearer. If wearing a mask curbs or stops the spread of the virus, and her husband passed away despite wearing a mask, he must have been wearing his mask on the wrong side or at the wrong end. That’s the only conclusion one can draw.

What struck me about the absurd lockdown earlier this year was that abortion was declared an essential service.

If you choose to murder a human, at least do it wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

Yes, COVID-19 is killing Kouga in many ways. It’s destroying businesses, common sense, courage, livelihoods and trust in the Creator.

This thing is vicious indeed.

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