Get A Tough Splash Pool For Those Hot Jbay Summer Days
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Get a tough splash pool for those hot JBay summer days

December is around the corner and if you have kids, you know what it’s like.

It’s scorching outside and they’re nagging you to take them to the beach. They have a need to splash!

But the beach is packed tighter than a sumo wrestler in a bikini. You enter that crowd at your own risk!

But how do you get the kids out from under your feet? You’ve got important things to do, like rest, relax and repose.

The answer is a splash pool!

You could drop in at a supermarket at Fountains Mall and get one of those blow up splash pools. But buy twenty while you’re at it, cos they’ve got all the strength of a bag of cotton candy.

And enjoy inflating your new splash pool. It’s time you could have spent on important things like setting up the braai and making braai broodjies.

And oh, don’t forget. Your neighbours will love you when they see your splash pool collapse and spill precious water, forcing you to fill up time and time again.

But there’s another option.

A longstanding local provider of water troughs and feeding troughs, as well as domestic water tanks, Plastiflo, has expanded their range of products with the introduction of a tough plastic splash pool.

Plastiflo BPA-Free Polyethylene Plastic Splash Pool
Plastiflo BPA-Free Polyethylene Plastic Splash Pool

Like all their products, the splash pool is made from BPA-free polyethylene plastic, which means it’s one tough splash pool. It won’t collapse and it’ll give you (come on, admit it) years of hassle-free splashing.

The splash pool comes with a 1500 litre capacity, with plans to expand the range.

Another great thing: they deliver in Jeffreys Bay! That means you can order over the phone, sit back and focus on more important things, like your braai!

Click here to view more details about the splash pool and to get a price.


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