Do Kouga residents endorse filicide?

You’re not allowed to spank your child, but what about killing them?
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The constitutional court ruled earlier this year that you’re not allowed to use corporal punishment to discipline your child in your own home (

I’m not going to argue with our government, because they clearly know what they’re doing. Just look at our country’s murder rate. (Seems the Eastern Cape tops the list.)

My mind, however, went to another issue, that of filicide; the act of a parent killing their child.

I wondered what my fellow Kougalians [sic] think of abortion.

Technically, it could be argued that abortion is not filicide, because the mother or father of the defenceless unborn child doesn’t do the actual sucking out or hacking to pieces of the baby.

But it’s close, since the person* doing the sucking or hacking needs consent. Put another way: abortion could be seen as a type of filicide.

So if you don’t mind, perhaps you’ll let me know your thoughts on filicide?

Are you for or against it?

In fact, I don’t know if there are any filicide clinics in the Kouga region. Do you know whether we have clinics where a mother can have her child killed?

Which way do you lean?

Would you consider aborting a child immoral, or is it an amoral choice only the mother has the authority to make?

What about killing a baby that has already been born? Is that OK?

In other words, if you’re pro choice, would you be happy with them changing the law to include killing babies an hour after birth? What about ten hours after birth? Ten years?

Would you be happy if they retrofit the law to include killing people they think should have been terminated before birth? For instance, if they decide you should have been terminated and decide to kill you, would you be OK with that?

Drop a comment, Kouga resident!

*I wanted to use the word physician, but then I remembered that one of the definitions of a physician is healer.

One Comment

  • Abortion is wrong!
    There is absolute nothing more to say about it than the following:
    Then God spoke all these words, saying . . . ‘You shall not murder’” (Exodus 20:1, 13, NASV).

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