Access to Education Denied! Oyster Bay’s appalling scholar transport problem

More than 80 Oyster Bay children are being denied access to education.
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For many children, going to school is easy and stress free. Not so for 78 primary school children from the farming community in Oyster Bay.

These desperate learners have had no transport to travel to school since the 4th term. Some children have last attended school on 16 August when the transport contract with the service provider ended.

Then there is an additional 8 Secondary school learners that have to get to the departmental pick-up point in Umsamawethu, 25 km’s away from their farms. Once there, they travel to Humansdorp to attend high school. The parents have to pay a private contractor R 400 per child per month to transport their children from their farms to the pick-up point. But since July this private contractor is also no longer available to provide this service.

The parents and school children are desperate for help! So many role players have written e-mails and phoned so many people in different departments, but to no avail!

On Monday morning, 23 October, 2019, we decided to contact SABC News. They came on Wednesday morning to do an insert about the problems the children face on a daily base. Before they can broadcast this, they must first wait for the Department of Education to reply.

South Africa’s children are our future! The children of the Eastern Cape are precious. The children of the farming community in Oyster Bay need their hope to be restored. The education system is failing them.

The system is like an adult that gives a child a lovely box wrapped beautifully for Christmas. When the child opens the present, it is empty. The department provides a school and teachers but no transport! That is no gift at all!

Our children need to belief in their bright future because they had a chance to be educated like every other child in South-Africa!

Who will be the ones that will bring hope to Oyster Bay?


  • I really hope that the SABC can broadcast our story. It is said “every child have a right to education” but now they have been denied their rights our Government is failing us it’s sad seeing the door you your child’s future being slammed on their faces like this, we say that children are our future but what future do we entail when they are being kept at their homes while they have to be taught through education on how to prepare for the future we speak about? This is so painful to all parents because we tried all we can but we are still not heard. We really need help to better our children’s tomorrow not only for themselves but to also uplift our farm communities.

    • Thank you, Cindy. I hope the issue can be resolved. Many blessings!

  • All I know is that there was never ever transport for white children to Humansdorp schools and that there was never a school for white children in this particular area and the parents had to make their own plans to get their children to school. Rich or poor. You would get into trouble if the children did not attend school. The little ones had to go to boarding school as early as from grade 1. Most people just could not afford to drive in and out and there was noy such a thing as homeschooling.

  • So, yes . The white children also had problems to attend school
    We had a school on our farm for the children of our workers and neighbouring farm kids. They only had 2 ,- 4 km to walk. Our biggest problems were the absent teachers twice a week.

  • Is it the shortage of service providers or what, that is a problem? Because I’m a Scholar transport provider and do have some buses standing. David 0614729709

  • Hi, good news!
    The transport problem in Oyster Bay has been solved! The Dpt of Transport and Mr v Rensburg were at the school on Monday, 4 Nov and the children have started going to school on Tuesday, 5 Nov.
    Thank you for raising awareness and helping us to make education accessible to the children in Oyster Bay. Educated children today, means educated South Africans tomorrow for a better South Africa! We need to take hands! When are we going to realize that we need to look past the different skin colors, it is about the hearts of people.

    • That is seriously good news. I thank our Heavenly Father for providing for the children. Many blessings, Marie!

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