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Jeffreys Bay is best known as one of the world’s greatest surf spots. Year in and year out it draws surfers from across the globe to get barrelled at Super Tubes. There’s a reason it’s been a stop on the preeminent professional surf circuit for many decades.

The perfect wave

When winter rolls round and wraps you in its icy arms, it brings with it some of the most magnificent waves this side of Mars.

If you’re a surfer, you’ll agree that Jeffreys Bay is a must-visit destination. If you’ve not added it to your must-surf list, you’re missing out.

Ask some of the world’s top surfers and they’ll tell you to stop talking and to get your butt into the water at Super’s.

Beautiful beaches

Nothing beats the beach for a perfect holiday experience, because there’s hardly a more versatile platform for a wide variety of fun activities than a long stretch of sand lapped at by waves.

Want to catch a tan? Jeffreys Bay’s main beach, which flies the prestigious Blue Flag, is perfect for this activity. Or if you prefer it less crowded, Kabeljouws is just around the corner.

Feel like fishing? Where to start! From Kabeljouws all the way to Kitchen Windows you’ll find plenty of spots to cast a line and hook a big one. And that’s only in town; we’re not even talking about spots around the Kouga region.

Come holiday season, the beach is a hive of activity, with crowds enjoying sun, waves and ball sports like touch rugby and volleyball. All that’s missing is you.

Great food

Don’t think because Jeffreys Bay is a small town there’s a lack of good eateries. Far from it.

There’s Kitchen Windows, that crafts a steak so delicious just thinking of it makes me drool as I sit here typing.

There’s Infood, famous for its baked delicacies (try the florentine).

There’s First Light, which arguably makes the best coffee in the Eastern Cape, possibly South Africa. (And yes, I’ve had Truth Coffee, so I’m not exaggerating.)

There are spots offering seafood dishes you’ll want more of, while other joints offer seriously good burgers and shakes.

There’s the classic Trawlers takeaways, where you’ll find traditional fish and chips and other seafood combos.

I could go on and on…

…but it’s best you come taste for yourself.

Click here to view eateries.


You’d think that a small town such as Jeffreys Bay would be lazing in the son all day—only lifting an eyelid every now and then to see if anything new’s happening—and come six o’ clock, head for bed, tired from all the resting.

And to some degree, that’s true.

But the town is surprisingly busy at night, and especially so during holiday season, when local pubs and nightclubs fill up to the brim with holiday goers (especially youngsters) bent on squeezing every drop from their holiday by the sea.


There’s no lack of accommodation in Jeffreys Bay. You’ll find the perfect place to suit your accommodation needs, whether that be a backpacker, a hotel, a B&B or a self-catering unit.

And there’s something to suit your pocket. If you’re money’s boss, you’ll find 5-star accommodation where staff members will treat you like royalty.

If you’re a stylish pauper only in need of a place to lay your head INSIDE somewhere, you’ll find cheap accommodation that’ll leave you with enough cash to enjoy some serious fun in the Kouga region.

In fact, your search for a pillow starts on this site: Jeffreys Bay accommodation.


With so much on offer, wouldn’t it be great to own your very own piece of Jeffreys Bay?

Of course it would.

That’s why you should buy a house in Jeffreys Bay.

For that purpose, we list a range of properties for sale on this site. Click here to browse all Jeffreys Bay properties and get in touch if you’re interested in one of them.