A brilliant option for business owners who want to bless their employees but don’t have time
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A brilliant option for business owners who want to bless their employees but don’t have time

You’re a busy business owner. You don’t have time to run around for yourself, much less for your employees.

But without your employees your business would most likely fail and you’d have to double your workload.

So you wonder, “How can I bless them? How can I show them my appreciation?”

Then the phone rings. It’s that new customer you’ve promised delivery to before end of day. He sounds upset.

You manage to assuage him, but then your spouse phones. Don’t forget tonight’s braai. And please drop by school to fetch the kids.

And before you know it, the day’s out, then the week, then another month.

And still you’re no closer to showing your appreciation.

The solution

Why not sign up for a ProteinFuels subscription?

This is a foolproof year-round Christmas gift!

You sign up for our monthly chicken subscription package and have the chicken delivered to your business!

Cheaper than the rest

But why not simply buy from a supermarket?

Quite frankly, even our non-subscription prices already beat every other supplier of frozen chicken cuts in Jeffreys Bay, but our subscription package gives you even more discount.

For instance, our direct price for chicken fillets is R55 / kg, while our subscription price is R50 / kg.

That’s a MASSIVE R5 per kilo saving!

Free delivery

And then there’s the FREE delivery!

If you buy your chicken anywhere else, you have to go fetch it.

Our chicken comes to you.

Top quality

And it’s quality chicken, so you don’t have to worry that your employees will wither away because they’re being fed junk. Our chicken cuts don’t come from worn out battery hens. They’re from healthy poultry.

Sign up now

You can’t beat this deal. It’s a great way for you to give your employees chicken so cheap they’d think you’re Father Christmas, and the only work you have to do is the initial sign up, which we help you with.

A ProteinFuels chicken subscription ticks all the business sense boxes:

  • It’s cheaper than the competition.
  • It’s a quality product.
  • It saves you time and money.

Sign up now!

Is that a “Boss of the Year” award calling your name?

Original Post from ProteinFuels.

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